The 2019 Fibre Channel Roadmap

By Craig Carlson, FCIA Board Member; Senior Technologist, Marvell Semiconductor Inc. When companies invest in a technology, they want to know that they will get a return on their investment for years to come. Fibre Channel has had a very accurate roadmap for over a decade, showing the past, present and future of the [...]

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Fibre Channel New Technologies: FC-NVMe-2

By Rupin Mohan, FCIA Marketing Chairman; Director R&D and CTO, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Fibre Channel is a serial point-to-point protocol that transfers a ton of data super reliably using light over fibre cables. Data is transferred from one port to another from the initiator port on the server to the destination port on the storage [...]

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The State of Fibre Channel

By Storage Switzerland Potentially, the only technology pronounced dead more often than Fibre Channel is tape, yet both are alive and well. In 2018, the Fibre Channel (FC) market saw a return to growth. According to Dell’Oro Group, FC SAN port shipments were up over 11 percent (7.7 million) compared to 2017. Total 2018 [...]

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FCIA President Introduction

By Mark Jones, FCIA President; Director of Technical Marketing, Broadcom Inc., ECD 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA). In July of 1999, it was announced the non-profit organizations FCA (Fibre Channel Association) and FCLC (Fibre Channel Loop Community) would merge, forming what is now known as the FCIA. [...]

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Fibre Channel Solution Guide – 2019

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Fibre Channel Continues to be the Most Trusted SAN Connectivity of Choice; Gen 6 FC-NVMe Maturity Demonstrated at the Fourth FC-NVMe Focused Plugfest

Visit FCIA in booth #828 at Flash Memory Summit; Fourth Multi-Vendor Plugfest Focused on FC-NVMe and Gen 6 FC Completed by FCIA, Hosted by Austin Labs in Milpitas, California   MINNEAPOLIS, August 2, 2018 – After more than 20 years in the marketplace, Fibre Channel (FC) continues to be the most trusted Storage Area Network (SAN) [...]

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A Look at Fibre Channel’s Legacy – And Future

J Metz, Cisco Systems Ah, storage. The most important part of any Data Center. Wait, wait, I get it – there are no unimportant parts of the Data Center. The ability to store and retrieve data, however, is the heart and soul, and the unmitigated catastrophe that befalls the company that loses data is impossible [...]

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All-Flash Arrays Generate New Interest in NVMe-Ready Fibre Channel

Celeste Crystal, Brocade Digital transformation is driving new requirements for scalability, performance, and high IOPs/low-latency for storage, with access to data becoming more critical than ever. Advanced flash memory technologies are forcing an evolution of storage requirements that must simultaneously enable faster access to data while accommodating growing capacity, all at decreasing costs. By many [...]

2017-07-31T12:42:27-05:00July 28th, 2017|

Storage Fabric Options with NVMe

Rupin Mohan, HPE The SCSI protocol has been the bedrock foundation of all storage for more than three decades and it has served (and will continue to serve) customers admirably. SCSI protocol stacks are ubiquitous across all host operating systems, storage arrays, devices, test tools, etc. It’s not hard to understand why: SCSI is a [...]

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The Fibre Channel Roadmap

Scott Kipp, Brocade The heart and soul of any technology, and the industry association that stewards the technology, is its technology roadmap. Just like the term suggests, a roadmap shows not just the history of a technology, but also is a guide to where it is going and when it is going to get there. [...]

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