Fibre Channel (FC) SAN workloads are not difficult, but there are several people who do not understand how the workloads line up to appropriate storage protocol and their characteristics. It’s the next topic the FCIA will tackle at our first webcast of the new year. Join us on February 12, 2020 at 10:00 am PT for our live webcast, Fibre Channel SAN Workloads.”

Different workloads have different “Fingerprints,” so to speak. Since FC SANs are block, they work very well with applications that have a lot of transactional data, a lot of random read/write loads, and are particularly good for virtual machine file systems.

In this webcast, our FCIA experts, Barry Maskas and Nishant Lodha, will discuss:

  • I/O fingerprints: I/O block sizes & IOPS requirements for various “FC SAN applications”
  • An overview of application access patterns, guided by best practices and experience
  • How Fibre Channel fulfills these IOPS requirements and how CPU bandwidth is as important as IOPS

We will briefly investigate application sensitivity to latency, and show how protocol can affect performance.

Register today. Our experts will be available to answer your questions during the live event. We hope to see there!