DALLAS (Sept. 25) Data Center Systems (DCS) is pleased to announce it was recently awarded a patent for its optical fiber polarity tester. Originally developed in 2016, the apparatus is used to test bundles of fiber optic fibers for correct polarity of connections at each end of the fiber bundles while preventing the fiber optic fibers from contacting any other components during testing.


Using a programmed microcontroller, series of LEDs, microscope, PC tablet with viewing software and internal fiber optics, the optical fiber polarity tester sends the appropriate light sequence for the polarity type being tested. The pattern is presented in a 1 to 12 sequence regardless of the polarity type. If the light sequence doesn’t follow this pattern, that is an indication that the assembly being tested has the wrong polarity configuration and needs to be reworked.


“In the past, operators used a more manual process that risked damage to the end face of the fiber-ferrule and left room for human error,” said Troy Cummings, production manager for DCS. “The optical fiber polarity tester eliminates that error, allowing quality control operators to focus on the performance and integrity of the product.”


The inspiration for the optical fiber polarity tester stemmed from DCS’ need for a bench-top solution for properly and efficiently testing its multifiber, MPO/MTP assemblies for correct polarity without damaging the end face prior to quality control (QC) testing. “There’s no contact made with the end face of the connectors that have just been polished and cleaned during the production process,” Cummings said. “That leads to higher performance and more efficient testing during the final QC process.”


Since a fiber signal travels down multiple cable assemblies that are linked together, one bad channel in any assembly can create costly down time in the data center. “Finding the bad channel in a series of connected cables should never happen inside the data center,” Cummings said. “The optical fiber polarity tester is designed to be used at the end of the production process before going to QC departments to ensure the cables are configured properly before being performance tested.”


Since its inception in 2002, DCS has remained focused on delivering innovative, high-quality products to its customers. “Our customers can enjoy extra peace of mind knowing that we take extra steps to ensure the quality of our products before they leave our facility,” Cummings said.


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