New INCITS T11 Committee Workgroup Formed to Enable Fibre Channel-based Solutions Using Future NVM Express Over Fabric Specification for Seamless Interoperability with Enterprise Storage Fabrics

SAN FRANCISCO — Sept. 18, 2014: The Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) today announced a new workgroup within the INCITS T11 Committee that will align Fibre Channel fabric connectivity using the upcoming NVM Express Over Fabrics standards specification.

The INCITS T11 Committee efforts will contribute and align to the new standards specification development activities to ensure enterprises can trust storage devices based on NVMe over Fabrics to seamlessly co-exist alongside the world’s installed base of Fibre Channel storage fabrics.

“Storage fabrics based on Fibre Channel are the world’s most widely deployed solution, currently supporting the vast majority of mission-critical and data intensive workloads and applications,” said Mark Jones, president, FCIA. “We are eager to begin our work to enable NVMe-based storage solutions to seamlessly co-exist alongside the massive existing and expanding installed base of fibre channel enterprise storage fabric infrastructures, including both solid-state and traditional disk arrays.”

NVM Express (NVMe) is the optimized, high performance, scalable host controller interface designed for NVM based storage. NVMe was designed initially for PCI Express based solid-state storage devices and is now being extended for use over fabrics by the NVM Express, Inc., standards organization. The NVMe protocol was created especially for data-intensive workloads that require the faster performance inherent in flash-based appliances and solid-state storage arrays. The focus of the NVMe over Fabrics initiative is to extend the new solid-state storage connectivity protocol to robust, well-known fabric solutions, ones that deliver faster application response times and better scalability for virtual data centers.

“NVM Express has redefined the standard for performance of solid-state storage devices and NVMe Over Fabrics extends its value to shared infrastructures,” said Amber Huffman, president of NVM Express, Inc. “We are excited about the Fibre Channel Industry Association’s participation and collaboration on the definition of NVMe over Fabrics.”

FCIA also recently launched a Knowledge Vault designed to be a resource for IT executives who are interested in learning more on how Fibre Channel can deliver greater business value. It’s a great repository of professional videos and an assortment of collateral that reinforces why Fibre Channel is the purpose-built and proven network infrastructure for storage, engineered to meet the demands of today’s enterprise data centers.

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