2016 Milestones Include First Public Demonstration of NVM Express® Over Fabrics Using Gen 6 32GFC and a Plugfest with Participation of 11 Companies

MINNEAPOLIS, February 1, 2017  Supporting continued advancement of the purpose-built, data center proven network infrastructure for storage, the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) today announced its 2016-17 Board of Directors.

“With their strong backgrounds in technology roles, the directors of the FCIA Board provide valuable insight and assistance in promoting the continued growth of Fibre Channel for use in 2017 and beyond,” said Mark Jones, president and chairman of the board, FCIA. “Fibre Channel is known by data center professionals for its high bandwidth, low latency and extreme reliability and we will continue to be a focal point of information, standards and education to maintain that trust in the industry.”

The members of the 2016/2017 FCIA Board of Directors are:

FCIA Officers:

  • Chairman and President: Mark Jones, Broadcom Limited
  • Treasurer: Greg McSorley, Amphenol
  • Secretary: J Metz, Cisco

Members at Large:

  • Marketing Chair: Rupin Mohan, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Craig Carlson, Cavium
  • Kevin Ehringer, DCS
  • Jay Neer, Molex
  • Steven Wilson, Brocade

In 2016, FCIA launched several new initiatives that extends Fibre Channel’s position as the industry’s most reliable and robust storage networking solution, including:

  • First public demonstration of NVM Express® over Fabrics using Gen 6 32G Fibre Channel at the 2016 Flash Memory Summit
  • A Plugfest held during the week of June 20th, 2016 at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL) with 11 companies participating
  • The release of an updated Fibre Channel Roadmap, showing the historic speeds and feeds of Fibre Channel and the future speeds up to Terabit Fibre Channel (TFC). Download here.
  • Continued development of Gen 6 Fibre Channel, the industry’s fastest industry standard networking protocol that enables storage area networks of up to 128GFC
  • A proposed 64GFC specification that is set to double data bandwidth over existing Gen 6 32GFC and 128GFC. When completed, it will come in a single-lane serial variant that will support up to a 12,800 MB/s data rate and a four-lane parallel variant (256GFC) that will support up to a 51,200 MB/s data rate.

FCIA BrightTALK Webcasts

In 2017, FCIA is also launching a series of BrightTALK webcasts where thought leaders will actively share their insights and provide up-to-date information on the Fibre Channel industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the first webcast scheduled for Thursday, February 16 at 11:00 a.m. PST titled “Introducing Fibre Channel NVMe.” J Michel Metz, R&D engineer for the Office of the CTO, Cisco and board member, FCIA and Craig Carlson, senior technologist at Cavium and board member, FCIA, will leading the discussion, followed by a Q&A session.

Register today at: http://bit.ly/2jc55H9.

About FCIA

The Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) is a non-profit international organization whose sole purpose is to act as the independent technology and marketing voice of the Fibre Channel industry. We are committed to helping member organizations promote and position Fibre Channel, and to providing a focal point for Fibre Channel information, standards advocacy, and education.  FCIA members include manufacturers, system integrators, developers, vendors, industry professionals, and end users. Our member-led working groups and committees focus on creating and championing the Fibre Channel technology roadmaps, targeting applications that include data storage, video, networking, and storage area network (SAN) management. For more info, go to http://www.fibrechannel.org.

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