Fibre Channel is an ideal solution for IT professionals who need reliable, cost-effective information storage and delivery at fast speeds. With development starting in 1988 and ANSI standard approval in 1994, Fibre Channel is a mature, safe solution for 1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb and 16Gb communications, providing an ideal solution for fast, reliable mission-critical information storage and retrieval for today’s data centers.

In this issue:

  • Benefits of Fibre Channel SANs
  • 8GB/s Fibre Channel
  • Fibre Channel over Ethernet
  • Fibre Channel Roadmap
  • Energy Efficiency and the Fibre Channel Industry
  • T11 Standards Update
  • Fibre Channel Management
  • The Path to Unification
  • Server Virtualization
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