Last month the FCIA announced completion of the Fibre Channel-NVMe-2 standard with groundbreaking features that include Sequence Level Error Recovery which optimizes how Fibre Channel natively transports NVM Express (NVMe).

The FC-NVMe-2 standard is focused on allowing bit errors to be detected and recovered at the transport layer before the protocol layer knows anything is amiss. As link speeds continue to increase to meet the growing volumes of data, detecting errors in microseconds with little or no impact on storage performance becomes increasingly important. Why do we need enhanced error recovery?  And, how does it work?

That’s what the FCIA will explore in out next live webcast on October 15, 2020, “What’s New in FC-NVMe-2?”  In this webcast we’ll discuss the fact that “bit errors happen” and how that occurs.  We also do a deep dive into the mechanism of the enhanced error recovery added to FC-NVMe-2. Join FCIA experts as they guide you through the intricacies of error detection and recovery to provide the most reliable NVMe over Fibre Channel deployment possible.

Register today! We hope to see you there. Our experts will be on-hand to answer your questions.