Reacting to the overwhelming positive feedback and the requests for additional information from the first webcast, Protocol Analysis for High-Speed Fibre Channel Fabrics, the Fibre Channel Industry Association is continuing its commitment to education by offering a follow-up – Protocol Analysis 201 for High-Speed Fibre Channel Fabrics on April 11th 10:00 AM PST.

In our first webcast, experts from Teledyne-LeCroy and Viavi Solutions introduced basic Protocol Analysis tools and how to incorporate them into the “best practices” application of SAN problem solving.  Building on that information, this 201 session will provide a deeper dive into how to interpret the output and results from the protocol analyzers. We will also provide insight into using signal jammers and how to use them to correlate error conditions to be able to formulate real time solutions.

Root cause analysis requirements now encompass all layers of the fabric architecture, and new storage protocols that usurp the traditional network stack (i.e. FCoE, iWARP, NVMe over Fabrics, etc.) complicate analysis, so a well-constructed “collage” of best practices and effective and efficient analysis tools must be developed.  In addition, in-depth knowledge of how to decipher the analytical results and then determine potential solutions is critical.

This webcast will be a deep dive into the Protocol Analysis tools and how to interpret the analytical output from them.  We will review:

  • Inter switch links (ISL) – How to measure and minimize fabric congestion
  • Post-capture analysis – Graphing, Trace reading, Performance metrics
  • Benefits of purposeful error injection
  • More Layer 2-3 and translation layers debug
  • Link Services and Extended Link Services – LRR Link Ready Rests

Register today. We hope you’ll join us on April 11th. Our experts will be on hand to answer your questions on the spot.