It’s easy to take technology standards for granted, forgetting that they underpin the technology we use every day. Ever wonder how they actually are made?

Join us on March 31st for our next FCIA live webcast, The Making of Fibre Channel Standards. In this webcast we’ll break down how the standard development process works, explain what makes something a standard, decode a few funky common acronyms, and highlight why standards matter and how we all benefit from them. You’ll learn:

  • The differences between a standard and a specification
  • Who is INCITS and what’s their role?
  • T11 Fibre Channel standards development process
  • T11 Fibre Channel Standards
  • Current Fibre Channel standards under development
  • Benefits of standards when architecting Fibre Channel solutions

It’s a live event, so our experts will be on-hand to answer your questions. Register now. We hope to seeing you on March 31st.