Fibre Channel continues to evolve to ensure easy scalability within the data center and Fibre Channel Services such as the Fabric Login Server, Fabric Controller, and Name Server are among the capabilities that are used to support and simplify management and operation of a Fibre Channel Fabric. Fabric Services also meet the need for traffic flow analysis and congestion management.

It’s an interesting topic that our FCIA experts will cover on August 26, 2020 in our live webcast, “Data Center Scalability Made Easy with Fibre Channel Services.” In this webcast, we’ll provide context to the terminology and dive into Fibre Channel Services, including device and topology discovery, zoning, security, clock synchronization and management. It will also decode some common acronyms like, FC-CT, FC-GS-9, and FC-SW-8.

Join us to learn:

  • What are Fabric Services?
  • Overview of long-standing Fabric Services and what the newer Fabric Services provide
  • What is FC-CT? And how does it relate to Fibre Channel Fabric Services?
  • Fibre Channel Generic Services and Switch Fabric functionality

This webcast will be live and our experts will be ready to answer your questions on the spot. Register today.