In this section we explore four typical applications that show how Fibre Channel is meeting the growing data needs of different companies. Solutions are as varied as the companies, institutions, and governments that Fibre Channel supports. A list of other applications is just a beginning:

Digital Libraries — A digital library can supply content for a nation, state, county, city, university, or corporation.

Scientific Simulations — Government laboratories and private industry simulate complex behaviors, such as nuclear explosions, weather, traffic, biological processes, fluid dynamics, and artificial intelligence. These simulations generate incredible amounts of data every day.

Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) — Financial Institutions handle millions of transcations every hour involving credit cards, credit checks, stocks, bonds, insurance, mortgages, banking, and mutual funds.

Government Programs — Programs involving Social Security, welfare, taxes, legislation, and historical information create some of the largest databases in the world.

Campuses — High-speed data access for corporations, universities, laboratories, military, airports, and government facilities require distributed access to terabytes of data.

Surveillance Systems — Military intelligence, weather monitoring, and security systems strea olumes of data.

Medical Applications — Tele-medicine, digital imagery, insurance claims, teleconferencing, patient records, and medical information need large data transfers over geographically dispersed areas.