FCIA Membership Information

Any individual or legal entity, private or governmental, interested in promoting the purpose of FCIA may become a member of FCIA in accordance with these Bylaws. FCIA does not restrict membership on the basis of race, color, disability, sex, religion, or national origin. (FCIA Bylaws, Article 3.1).

There are four membership levels in the FCIA:

  • Sponsor Member (US $22,000/year)
  • Principal Member (US $13,500/year)
  • Associate Member (US $9,000/year)
  • Observer Member (US $3,300/year)
  • Academic Member
    • NEW – Available to Academic Institutions that would like to contribute to FCIA Educational offerings and events
    • Membership Grant – No Cost (must be approved as a member)
      • Must provide one educational contribution/year
  • Individual Observer Member (US $475/year)

See the Membership Benefits Matrix below for a summary of benefits by level.

Becoming a member of the FCIA is a simple process:

  1. Download and return a completed application, which includes agreeing to abide by the FCIA Bylaws
  2. Include payment of first year dues, or an approved purchase order for first year dues
FCIA Membership Benefits Matrix
Sponsor Member Principal
Associate Member Observer Member
Academic Member
Individual Observer Member
1 Plugfest Fee Discount 40% 30% 20% 10% N/A 0%
2 Company logo on Event Collateral
3 Banner Ad on Home Page
4 Sponsor Press Releases
5 Voting on Organizational Matters
6 Eligible for Board Service
7 Eligible to be an Officer
8 Eligible to Chair Committees
9 Post FC-related Company
Press Releases on website
10 Eligible to be quoted in FCIA
Press Releases
11 Eligible to quote FCIA in their own Press Releases
12 Eligible to participate on
Review Committees
13 Eligible to participate on
Marketing Committees
14 Eligible to be participate on
Membership Committees
15 Eligible to participate on
Road Map Committees
16 Eligible to participate on
Other Committees & Forums
17 Participate in FCIA Trade Shows
1st Choice
(No cost)

2nd Choice

3rd Choice

4th Choice

Case by case
18 Participate in FCIA Marketing Communications Programs
(Webcasts, Solutions Guides)

1st Choice

2nd Choice

3rd Choice
19 Member Promotion in FCIA Collateral, including FCIA web links to members’ website
20 Included in FCIA’s General Email Lists
21 Receive FCIA Material