This year, Fibre Channel has achieved a significant milestone. FCIA has termed it 10-10-10 for 10 million Fibre Channel ports shipped, $10B invested in Fibre Channel technology and 10 Exabytes (EB) of storage shipped . In 2012, 10M Fibre Channel ports are expected to ship when you combine adapter and switch ports[1], not even counting target ports on storage arrays. Also, over $10B of Fibre Channel Enterprise Storage Systems will be sold worldwide, representing 62% of all Storage Area Network storage in the market[2]. The FCIA calculates that over $100B has been invested in Fibre Channel over the last two decades. Finally, for the first time ever, 10 EB of Fibre Channel storage capacity in external enterprise storage systems will be shipped – representing 66% of the SAN market[3]. So, 2012 is the year of 10-10-10 for Fibre Channel that shows how Fibre Channel continues to flourish with the rest of the IT markets.

This issue contains:

  • State of the Fibre Channel Industry
  • Speed and Convergence: Follow the FCIA Roadmap to Success
  • 16GFC Deployments Addresses Data Center Challenges
  • 40Gb FCoE: The Future of Hyper-Agility in the Data Center
  • Fibre Channel Connectivity
  • How Fibre Channel Plugfests Help Prepare Products for Market
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