FICON (Fibre Channel Connection) is an upper-level protocol supported by mainframe servers and attached enterprise-class storage controllers that utilize Fibre Channel as the underlying transport. Our FICON 101 webcast described some of the key characteristics of the mainframe and how FICON satisfies the demands placed on mainframes for reliable and efficient access to data. FCIA experts gave a brief introduction into the layers of architecture (system/device and link) that the FICON protocol bridges.

Using the FICON 101 session as a springboard, our experts, Patty Driever and Howard Johnson, return on February 20, 2019 for FICON 201 where they will delve deeper into the architectural flow of FICON and how it leverages Fibre Channel to be an optimal mainframe transport. Register now for this live FCIA webcast on February 20th where you’ll learn:

  • How FICON (FC-SB-x) maps onto the Fibre Channel FC-2 layer
  • The evolution of the FICON protocol optimizations
  • How FICON adapts to new technologies

Our FICON experts will be on-hand to answer your questions. We hope to see you there.