Emulex Extends Value of Cisco MDS 9710 Multilayer Director with 16GFC Technology Optimizing Virtualized and Cloud Deployments

COSTA MESA, Calif., May 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Emulex Corporation (NYSE: ELX), a leader in network connectivity, monitoring and management, today announced that it has certified the Cisco MDS 9710 Multilayer Director for use with the Emulex LightPulse® 16Gb Fibre Channel (16GFC) Host Bus Adapters (HBAs). Emulex 16GFC HBAs, when combined with Cisco storage solutions, provide customers with a Storage Area Network (SAN) solution that includes advanced management, improved SAN efficiency and simplified data protection.

The Cisco MDS Multilayer 9710 Director delivers 24 Tbps of total switching capacity and 1.536 Tbps per slot capacity for Fibre Channel, with a fault-tolerant architectural design, and optimal flexibility and investment protection.

“We’re pleased to support Cisco’s newest storage switches with Emulex’s industry-leading 16GFC HBA technology,” said Shaun Walsh, senior vice president of marketing and corporate development. “The addition of these new Cisco MDS solutions helps expand the ecosystem of 16GFC-capable solutions available today.”

The Emulex LPe16000 16GFC HBA is ideal for the toughest virtualized, cloud and mission-critical deployments utilizing Cisco MDS storage directors. Emulex LightPulse 16GFC HBAs feature the Emulex bullet-proof driver-stack, backward compatibility to 4GFC and 8GFC HBAs and rock-solid reliability with a heritage that spans back to the first generation of Fibre Channel to today’s 16GFC HBAs.

“As customers work to optimize their data center infrastructure to meet the increased demand for I/O caused by trends such as the Internet of Things, Cisco is pleased to work with Emulex to offer solutions with high performance, data integrity and increased throughput,” said Rajeev Bhardwaj, vice president, product management, Cisco Data Center Group. “Together, Cisco’s MDS storage switches and Emulex’s 16GFC HBAs offer customers a SAN solution with superior reliability and optimal flexibility.”

Emulex field-proven 16GFC technology is ideal for Cisco customers that are building next generation data centers designed for speed and agility. Emulex 16GFC adapters meet the following needs of IT professionals:

Lightning fast performance:

      Emulex 16GFC HBAs offer more than five times the I/O operations per second (IOPS) and twice the data throughput of 8GFC adapters


    . This is important for the rise in solid state disk (SSDs), high transaction database and highly virtualized environments.
  • Increasing Virtual Machine (VM) Densities: Emulex 16GFC adapters leverage Emulex vScale™ for superior scalability, supporting up to 255 virtual functions (VFs), 1024 Message Signal Interrupts Extended (MSI-X), and 8192 concurrent logins and open exchanges, up to four times the number supported by competing 16GFC HBAs2, enabling support for more VMs per server than ever before.
  • Advanced Data Protection with High Performance Offload: Emulex 16GFC HBAs support the T10 Protection Information (T10 PI) standard, providing enhanced data protection against silent data corruption. The LPe16000B HBAs also include high performance, hardware offload of data integrity checks, eliminating the 30 percent performance penalty of software-enabled T10 PI3.

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